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APS can provide professional circuit electronic pcb assembly (pcba) service with
…. competitive price and high quality.
1. High working efficiency: ≥85%, good charging performance.
2. 100% final test.
3. With smart protect IC.
4. High density interconnected board placement technology capacity.
5. Overload, over-volt and short-circuit protection.
6. Large transmission power, low less, wide range, stable performance and low temperature rise.
7. Quality test such as loading output, no-loading output, full load efficiency, Vmp-p, short circuit protection,
…. OCP, OVP, Hi-pot, Resistance, burn-in/aging, temperature shock, drop test, vibration test etc.
8. Used for electric apparatus, aircraft, transmitter, communication equipments.
9. Output-current vary from products by the intelligent control, will prolong the cycle life.
10. Environmentally friendly, energy-saving, complying with the safe certification standard.
11. PCB Assembly With UL, Rohs Approval.

1. When you test our sensor ,if with LDR (photo resistance),so you need test in the evening or blot out it, and……the test it.
2. There is nobody and no moving and shaking object in the detect area.
3. Make sure your wire connection is correct.

APS engineers can perform board layout from the customer's schematic and will perform a Design For Manufacturing (DFM), Design For Test (DFT), and cost reduction review. We can also modify any existing drawing to customer specification.

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