QC Profile

We design and manufacture in-house testing or evaluation devices for different products. And we always put an effort to achieve higher reliability of our products design by various tests such as endurance, life and verification tests.

Tests or inspections can be performed for not only development stage but also mass production upon customers' requests. Operation checking after assembly, destruction test or test measurement are just examples.

Quality is our focus, not only with components but our whole service.

QC Profile

APS Quality organization

Quality Management Department (QM)

Quality Assurance Section (QA)

Quality Control Section (QC)

Quality System Section (QS)

What our Quality Organization do

•Routinely audits material & electronic components
•Ensures exact compliance to specifications
•Follows safeguard reliability in materials used
•Constantly monitor all product materials and assembly
•Maintains outstanding relations with all suppliers allowing solid control over purchased components
•Guarantees the best selection of quality components
while maintaining strong competitive pricing

Here is the flow chart for our quality control procedure


Standard: CB

Number: CN-33634-M1

Issue Date: 2016-04-15

Expiry Date: 2026-03-08

Scope/Range: IEC60950

Issued By: CQC


Standard: CE

Number: B201603141065-2-G1

Issue Date: 2016-04-22

Expiry Date: 2026-12-30

Scope/Range: EN55022, EN55024,EN61000-3,EN61000-2

Issued By: GRGTEST


Standard: FCC

Number: B201603141065-1-G1

Issue Date: 2016-04-20

Expiry Date: 2030-04-20

Scope/Range: FCC part 15

Issued By: GRGTEST


Standard: UL

Number: 4787132995

Issue Date: 2015-11-24

Expiry Date: 2030-03-08

Scope/Range: Doe

Issued By: UL