APS has always been guided by the spirit of innovation and our love of technology which is why we are behind a number of market-leading products. Most importantly, we have greatly promoted the development of fast charging technology , Qualcomnn Quick Charge 3.0, USB Power delivery and Gan Technology.Those who stay at the forefront of charging technology to power their talent will win over time – both in efficiency and effectiveness.

We owns abundant local and global resources, stable productivity and reliable expertise have become our competitive advantages in the consumer elctronics industry. After years of innovation and growth, we have always stayed true to our core values by producing new technology, creating high quality products, providing first class customer service, and changing how we live through the convenience of technology.


Where something can be plugged in for power, we can always offer you Advanced Product Solution, If there is no Power, We will creat protable Power solutions all the time. we will continue to be at the forefront by providing the best charging experience to the world.