The difference between pd charging cable and ordinary charging cable

The pd charging cable and the ordinary charging cable are mainly different in the charging speed and the current conversion after charging. The following is the specific introduction:

1. On the charging speed:
The pd charging line integrates a quasi-resonant current mode controller and power MOSFET, which has the characteristics of high performance, low standby power consumption, and low cost. Pressure charging, the charging speed is slow.
2. After the charging is completed, the current is converted:
The chip on the pd charging line can control the charging process, and automatically stop charging once it is fully charged, making the entire charging process safe and efficient. The ordinary 5V2A charging specification line generally automatically turns into a trickle charging state after the battery is fully charged.
For the pd charging line, the ultra-low standby power consumption and the best performance in the full voltage range are realized due to the three-mode hybrid modulation technology of QR-PWM, QR-PFM and Burst-mode and the low power consumption structure technology of special devices. efficiency. At the same time, it provides comprehensive intelligent protection functions with excellent performance, including output overvoltage protection, periodic overcurrent protection, overload protection, and soft-start function.
For ordinary charging cables, there are few peripheral components and it is relatively simple. The intelligent power MOSFET with 650V high avalanche capability is integrated inside. The circuit design is simple, easy to implement, and the price is low.

Post time: Aug-22-2022