How to solve the problem of mobile phone charging heating

As we mentioned earlier, there are many electronic components in the charger. The principle is to convert 220 V AC power into 5 V DC power through the rectifier bridge, and then charge the mobile phone through the data line. In this process, if the input 220 V AC power breaks through the rectifier bridge and switch tube, and the short circuit protection and insulation of the Rapid Wall Charger.


Itself happen to fail, the Wall Charger Adapter  may directly output 220 V AC power to the data line and mobile phone, causing accidents.

As a good Wall Adapter , from the design point of view, the original charger has circuit protection, and the internal gel filling 

treatment can improve the heat dissipation and insulation of the charger. These are important methods to improve the security of the charger. At the same time, in addition to the charger itself, the data cables provided by high and low quality manufacturer are also very different. About 20 copper core wires are used for the original data line. Even though the current of 1-2 amperes is passed, it will not be too hot, which is relatively safe. However, there are basically only 7 copper core wires for the shanzhai data line, and its current passing capacity is only one third of that of the original data line.

In addition, some data lines are fragile. After a long time of use, the connector connected to the mobile phone may be exposed. If the exposed wire is just a live wire that needs to pass through the 220 V voltage, the user will get an electric shock if he uses the mobile phone to make a call.

How to avoid charger heating

First, we can charge it in a cool environment.

If the mobile phone charger is overheated, it is better to charge it in a cool environment in summer, such as an air-conditioned room. In this way, the phone charger will not be too hot.

Second, do not play with your phone while it is charging.

If the mobile phone is still playing with the mobile phone during charging, it will inevitably lead to overheating of the mobile phone charger, because the charger will work for a longer period than normal, which is not good for the charger, and will also reduce the life of the charger.

Also, do not overcharge.

Generally, the original mobile phone charger can be fully charged in about 3 hours. Do not continue to charge after charging, otherwise the charger will be overloaded and become overheated. Remember to unplug the charger in time.

Also be careful of the surrounding heat sources.

When charging the mobile phone, the charger should be placed far away from heat sources, such as gas stove, steamer, etc., to avoid overheating of the charger due to high ambient temperature.

Finally, reduce the number of charges.

If the charger is charged several times a day, it will cause overheating of the charger. Therefore, we should control the number of times of charging. Generally, charging once a day or two can help to extend the life of the charger.



Post time: Nov-18-2022