Continue our last Charpter , we are still talking about how to find the best charger for your phone.

How to find your phone’s correct charging standard

With the above in mind, if your phone uses a proprietary charging standard or comes with wall charger, you’ll receive the fastest charging speeds by using the plug provided in the box — or, failing that, a similar plug that offers an equivalent power rating. Reusing plugs from old devices is a great idea where possible and is always worth a try first.

Ensuring you have the correct charging standard is more of a headache if your phone doesn’t ship with a fast charger,  in the box or if you’re looking for something that will play nicely with all of your gadgets. The best place to start your search is on the manufacturer’s spec sheet. There are no guarantees here though — some list the required charging standard to obtain peak speeds, while others don’t.


Picking the best charger

Now that you know the right standard and the amount of power you need, you can cross-reference these specifications with the adapter you have in mind. If buying a multi-port adapter, charging hub, or power bank, you’ll want to ensure that enough of the ports meet your power and protocol requirements.

Again, some manufacturers are more forthcoming with this information than others. Fortunately, we test charger ports as part of our charger review process to ensure they work as anticipated.

When considering multi-port adapters, note that each USB port often provides different standards, and will have to share their power rating when plugging in multiple devices, often unevenly. So check the capabilities of each port, where possible. You’ll also want to ensure that the maximum power rating of your charger can handle the full load you’re anticipating. For example, charging two 20W phones from one plug requires at least a 40W charger or perhaps even 60W for a bit of headroom. Often this isn’t possible with power banks, so just aim for as much power as you can.


We’ve already done a lot for you regarding fast charging. For example, we’ve prepared some guides to point you in the right direction for smartphones that don’t ship with a charger in the box. Likewise, our best list and reviews include all the relevant information you need to cross-reference with your handset.

Post time: Oct-10-2022