Cleaning PCB, PCBA, ultrasonic cleaning machine is more professional. The working efficiency of the Mobile Charger PCB Board  ultrasonic cleaner is very high. The cleaned PCBA circuit board will be cleaned as long as there is a part contacting with the solution. Although this cleaning method is carried out in a high-energy cleaning tank, the circuit board and the machine will not be damaged. However, its advantages include not only thorough cleaning, but also other advantages.


1. The cleaning speed is fast. The speed of ultrasonic circuit board cleaning machine is higher than other cleaning methods, 10~20 times faster than immersion cleaning, and 20% – 50% more effective than spray cleaning.

2. Clean in all directions without dead angle. Compared with spraying and soaking, it does not clean dead corners, so it is more suitable for electronic circuit boards with complex internal and external structures, uneven micro structures, narrow slots, small holes, corners, and dense lines.

3. The mobile phone charger pcb circuit board will not be damaged or deformed. Compared with spraying, professional ultrasonic circuit board cleaning machine can also ensure the integrity of circuit boards when cleaning thin and micro circuit boards.

4. It is suitable for cleaning various stains. It can be used for degreasing, decontamination, rust removal, deoxidization, passivation and other stubborn stains.

5. Wide range of applicable materials. 

The professional circuit board ultrasonic cleaning machine is suitable for cleaning various parts such as steel, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, glass, circuit board, electronic and optical components. 6. The cleaning consistency is good. No matter whether the PCB to be cleaned is wide or narrow, large or small, complex or simple in structure, single piece or batch, after being put into the PCB ultrasonic cleaner for cleaning, the incomparable uniform cleanliness can be obtained for manual cleaning. When using the circuit board ultrasonic cleaner, if you want to show its advantages to the greatest extent, you also need to adjust the temperature of the cleaning solution. The liquid temperature between 40 ° C and 50 ° C is most suitable for cleaning.

Post time: Dec-07-2022