Why choose gallium nitride for GAN charger?

Although we are unfamiliar, gallium nitride has a long reputation in the chip field. It is the representative of the third generation semiconductor materials. It has always had very obvious advantages in high frequency and high power. It was generally used in high-end 4G/5G base stations.

 In recent years, with the development of technology and the reduction of cost, gallium nitride has begun to be rapidly popularized in fast chargersThe most refined words to describe the advantages of GaN chips in the field of usb chargers  are two words – small, high temperature resistance.

The biggest advantage of GaN chargers is that compared with traditional silicon device chargers, the size of GaN chargers will be much smaller. All 20W chargers can be the same size as the original Apple 5V chargers. When carrying out, the compact chargers will undoubtedly make people more relaxed.

On the other hand, gallium nitride chips have good high-temperature performance and can work stably at higher temperatures without damage. For high-power chargers, it can significantly reduce the probability of failure.

Hot Seller  64W PRO

The 65W GaN Pro has the advantages of small size and folding pins. The 65W power can be used as the power supply for most light and thin notebooks. Compared with the original charger, it is undoubtedly much more portable. The multi port design can charge other devices at the same time of charging the laptop, which can be said to do more at one stroke. If you use a thin and light notebook, it is likely that this one will be enough when you travel on business. It will be much easier to think about it.


Post time: Nov-22-2022